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Time for Thursday update video…

​ I hope you guys enjoy this week's video. It shares some insight on my situation and how I shop on a budget. There are lots of good ways to get healthy food that are not that expensive. Enjoy :-)... Continue Reading →



I am sorry, not sorry for being late with this one. I did not how to do this justice. For my friends and family, the following is not news.  I AM PANSEXUAL.  Yes, that means my kitchenware gets me all... Continue Reading →

Watch “Jenna Marbles is ruining my life!!!” on YouTube

This is my newest random video. Enjoy!

My loves!

These little monkeys are helping me stay active. I LOVE them.  They are also great food testers, if I make a new recipie. 

Yoga day. 

Today is a yoga day, but I'd rather stay home and nap in the yard. The struggle is real and it's so nice outside.

My dinner tonight…

A little early to be posting about dinner right? Well I'm working the 3 to 11 shift tonight so I had to pack my dinner now. I made chicken cutlet and pasta. But the pasta is whole week. I'm super... Continue Reading →

I’m Baaaaack!

Hey everyone! Thank you for your patience. In this blog is the link to my newest YouTube Video. It's short and sweet. My sister is out of the hospital and doing much better. She was really sick though. My mom... Continue Reading →

No posting for a week..

Sorry guys. I have a family emergency. That also means no video this week. I need to take the time off to help out. *hugs* Be back soon!


Nothing crazy to report today. Doing good so far and working on my video for Thursday. 

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